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Federation Farm

Federation Farm: Narrabri Community Education Trust.

Federation Farm is a 200ha share farm watered by recycled effluent.

The Farm was established by Narrabri High School Staff and Parents. A number of local firms have provided assistance & sponsorship enabling the Trust to achieve its goals of providing financial support for Narrabri's Schools.

Local students have assisted with tree planting and have used the Farm for educational purposes & school excursions. The Farm is available for other schools, commercial and community groups to utilise and inspect.

Farming operations at Federation farm produce significant profit, enabling the Trust to distribute some $102,000 to local schools in its first three years of operation. The distributions have provided a significant boost to school funds and have enabled schools to develop projects that directly benefit all the children in Narrabri.

The Federation Farm project has been the subject of reports at Regional, State and National level. The fact that the Community, council & schools have all worked together to improve the educational facilities in Narrabri has drawn praise from many sources, as have the environmental aspects of the project.

The re-use of treated effluent to maintain a commercially viable agricultural operation, managed by volunteers, supported by the community and contributing to education makes the scheme unique in Australia at this stage.

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