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Narrabri High School JAECG (Junior Aboriginal Education Consultative Group)


The JAECG committee serves as a platform, empowering students with agency within their school community. JAECG members participate in shaping decisions that influence their educational experiences.

By actively supporting Aboriginal students and considering their ideas and opinions, the JAECG contributes to a student's sense of belonging and positive relationships with teachers and peers while recognising their diverse and unique cultural identity.

Open to students from all backgrounds, the JAECG welcomes Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students across all year groups. Passionate members hold executive positions, ensuring dedicated leadership that actively collaborates with the school community. Through this consultative process, the JAECG strengthens the representation of Aboriginal culture throughout the school environment. Join us in fostering an inclusive and culturally rich community at Narrabri High School, where every student is valued.

2024 NHS Junior AECG Members

President: Larni Hennessy

Vice President: Menzie Baker

Vice President: Kishaya Gibbs-Eulo

Secretary: Riley Firth

Treasurer/Fundraiser: Jordan Tribe

Treasurer/Fundraiser: Tori Gibbs

Events Secretary: Elijiana Welsh

Media Coordinator: Ceanna Toomey

Media Coordinator: Zeiken Green-Murray